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Adventure Program | PVP 795 USD + 12% IVA

5D - 4N / SCX + SCY - Minimun 2 PAX


Day 1- Transfer IN + Highlands | Tortoises Natural Habitat

Transfer IN by private assistance at Baltra Airport.  Then a 45 minute-transfer a first stop at Los Gemelos - Pit craters located in the highest part of the road discovering a Scalesia and Guayabillo Cloud forest.  Lunch in a local farm - In here, visit of a Giant Tortoise reserve where you hike looking for these unique creatures as well as bird life in an area with different micro-climates & vegetation.   Soon after visit of a lava tunnel - 500 meters long with unique underground exploration.


Visit by bike assisted with a private pick up and guide -



Day 2 - Daily Land boat tour

Daily Land Departures are coordinated with National Park regulations and Boats permit, depends on spaces available and weekday | Boat ride to Plazas | North Seymour | Plazas

South Plazas | An uplifted rocky platform located 2 hours southeast by boat from Santa Cruz - Itabaca Channel - Then hike on a rocky terrain where you discover at every step a colony of Galapagos Land Iguanas, Swallow tailed gulls, sea lions and many other species of marine birds in the air.

Snorkel in Punta Carrion to enjoy Galapagos underwater - Lots of fishes, rocky reefs, sharks and turtles could be seen during your water activity.

Bartolome | One of the most impressive volcanic landscapes of the Galapagos - You arrive here after a 2 hour-ride in a boat leaving from Santa Cruz.   A viewpoint on the east side of the island is the place to observe parasitic craters, lava flows and eroded slopes of volcanic tuff that performs to you the most photographed landscape of the islands.

Marine life is also important, a lot of chances to see reef fishes, sea lions, penguins and white tipped reef sharks.

North Seymour | A bus ride 45 minutes - and a boat drive 1 hour will let you disembark in one of the biggest bird breeding areas of the Galapagos.  On land you see colonies of frigate birds, blue footed boobies & Swallow tailed gulls.   A place full of wildlife from the beginning, sea lions, marina iguanas, land iguanas and more!

After lunch a wet landing in a pristine nesting area of marine turtles for some snorkeling and time to go at your pace.


Day 3 - Morning at leisure (check options in advance) + PM Ferry to San Cristobal Is.

In the morning Optional Land Tours

Garrapatero | Kayak + Biking

In the morning you will be driven to the eastern part of the island. A visit of a coffee and sugar cane plantation at 250m above sea level is the first stop to know how locals distill sugar cane alcohol and process coffee to be sold in local markets.

Then you continue by bike through a hilly area to Garrapatero beach - A tropical dry forest and home to a number of endemic plants, as well as the vermilion flycatcher and seven subspecies of finches.

A box lunch has been prepared for enjoying this pristine ecosystem.   Garrapatero Beach is a place where the contrast of mangroves, black lava, white sand and turquoise water, along with its birdlife and flamingo lagoon, is magnificent.

PRICE: 200 USD TTC (minimum 2 people)


Visits On your own - These visits can be combined at any day during time on your own or made alone your leisure day | NO CHARGE

1. Charles Darwin Station - Explore on your own the breeding center for Giant Tortoises

2. Tortuga Bay - 3 km hike from Puerto Ayora


PM - Ferry to San Cristobal + Transfer to Hotel


Day 4 - Snorkeling | Leon Dormido

Leon Dormido is one of the most known snorkeling sites in San Cristobal.   An hour boat ride will approach to this rocky formation with walls and a sandy corridor where all year round you observe marine life.    Underwater walls covered with corals and sponges where reef fishes protect small territories and are protected from sharks and other big predators.   A lot of chances to see Galapagos and white tipped reef sharks, marine turtles, rays and many more !


Day 5 - San Cristobal Airport

Transfer OUT



Shared shuttle airport - hotel - airport

Visits according itinerary

Breakfast & Lunch

Entrance fee to private reserves


Not Included

Flight to Galapagos

GNP entrance fee - 100 USD

Transit control card - 10 USD

Optional visits to be booked prior departure to confirme availability.


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